Wednesday, June 2, 2010

you, me & we // are the miracle

i am slightly unsure how to begin... because to describe beauty by means of the human vernacular sometimes allows things to go left unsaid: silence being, the greatest and most perfect way to express the inexpressible. beauty is often found in silence and to me, beauty is found, actually, is created, through connection, conversation and pure, flowing love between people. 

upon returning from an utterly transcendental weekend at lightning in a bottle i feel elated and healed. i healed myself and was healed through my connection, conversations and pure, flowing love with the people i attracted and interacted with. 

there is such beauty in this life, and there is such beauty in this world...if ever in doubt, just quiet your mind, silence the mind. this is  most easily done by breathing. the breath. people breathing, just simply listening to the inhalation and exhalation of their own life force is one of the most transformative powers in the entire universe. have you ever noticed that everything that lives, breaths? to breath, is to live, to listen, is to breath. silence of the mind can be found in the life force that is the breath.  

what i acknowledged and remembered over the last few days:
-- to look into another persons eyes is to peer into their soul
-- all are one, the greatest illusion in this causal-plane experience is that all is in separation (only the mind creates separateness)
-- only now is real; the present moment is all there is
-- our thoughts are the most powerful force in shaping the direction and flow of our experiences
-- only beauty can come out of total awareness (an idea from osho)
-- only love is real
-- loving the self is the greatest and most important thing..ever.
-- recognizing, that all beings are souls & energy just wanting to feel and experience love & flow, makes it difficult to not open yourself to total love, compassion and kindness.
-- all is well
-- be here now
--  breath deeply
-- letting go is a POWERFUL tool for manifesting all you could ever want or desire in your experience; as we let go of worry, thought, what we think we "need" we allow the flow of the inner mind to work its magic (that magic which the intellect knows nothing about!) and bring us forth everything we could ever want or desire...

we are the miracle that is the consciousness of all of the universe. that is so incredible...

we are in a time and space, a space and time, where our connection to one another, remarkable self-evolution, love & remembrance of our true beings is a force that is evolving and shaping all of humanity & divinity
as we remember our divine selves, 
we now step into our power as love and light. 

i am so grateful and i have faith that you are too. thank you.

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  1. this is so inspiring, thank you.