Friday, June 25, 2010

manifesto of the new lover

i remind myself, when i am centered with me, i can be centered with absolutely any and every person. 

i lay on the grass in the sun. 

i recognize, when my energy gets low, the first thing i like to do is focus on a love interest, a lust, i put pressure & wish energy from that person, yet i remember:

any & all energy is generated & comes from within me. ___ is a beautiful manifestation & reflection of my centeredness, my energy & my presence. we are mirrors to one another. he is his own being, & i am mine. i honor him in my presence, i honor myself. i draw energy from source which is all energy-- i surrender every moment, i let go every moment because in surrender- there is truth!!! 

in my silence there is truth, in my kindness & love & centeredness is all truth... in this moment, in my solitude, in sunshine, i am a pillar of my own energy & i remember, i am NEVER alone.

i am always in love & in the quietness of my mind, the centeredness of my heart lies all of eternity.

all i can be, is in this moment & all i can be is true to my feelings. to listen & to be kind. to fill from within, this is the kind of partner i wish to be. a partner who is whole, who attracts another who is whole so they may have an experience together, & an experience apart. but in their togetherness, there is beauty, there is kindness & love & enjoyment, there is sexual ecstasy, there is friendship & trust & union in enjoyment, in presence.  
and when apart, whole in their apartness, as Osho says, when you are alone, be alone, when you are with company, be with your company. 

all is a sharing, all is a reflection & to love requires a great and beautiful willingness to love yourself first and be present in each moment you are alive...we then approach our partners from a space of love & fulfillment, never of need. you never need the other to fill you, because in your love, presence and breath, you fill yourself...then you share.
 presence is all. breath is all. love is all...the new lover is fulfilled from within and then shares his fulfillment. all is beautiful.

--nb 6.20.10

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  1. Its true that we come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. There is no better teacher of faults then our own imperfections, and no better healer than our own impermanence.