Wednesday, March 3, 2010


love is so unconventional; i am reminded this from a lengthy and beautiful conversation with a dear friend.

i am pulling so much from my book by osho (love, freedom, aloneness) right now, so much that it continually comes up in conversation.
i know we're coming into a time, where there is a big paradigm shift within the way we's a shift that will perhaps occur someday, even if it is only within a small group of conscious & aware's the idea:
love is all encompassing and unbinding & we all have the ability to love many, many people & within that expansive love, that over flowing love, our love doesn't diminish by loving many...we pull different and beautiful pieces from each person we couple with, from every & any lover that passes through us, we are teachers & students all at once with our lovers..

perhaps the day will manifest where we drop the fear factor that we constantly bring into our relationships, instead of fearing aloneness, we will embrace our eternity...and in that loving ourselves, we love all and we are more able to love one another. 

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