Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tarot readings w/ natalia ::: reviews

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if you've ever wondered about getting a tarot reading, below is some feedback from some beauties who have engaged in a tarot healing session with me .... enjoy :)

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"Not only do I love your knowledge of the Tarot but I love how you incorporate your evolved wisdom and the Higher Consciousness of the Love energy into your readings and everything you do. Then you can help "prescribe" your client a customized Tarot Necklace or other beautiful n.om Jewelry piece"
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"I liken your readings to being like that first ray of sunshine that comes through the window and shines a warm light on your face. The kind of ray that helps you remember how special you are and what gifts you are experiencing, no matter what your situation looks or feels like."

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"I have had tarot readings in the past, and none have been as organic, loving, and blissfully accurate, as Miss Natalia Benson's intelligent and intuitive reading. She connected with me on the level of my higher self to help unveil the present issues radiating at my core, and offered wisdom on how powerful changes will aid my spirit in the future. As I write this two weeks after the reading, my being has already transformed so immensely and powerfully beyond my expectations. Everyone has a divine and unique experience with tarot, but I can tell you that Natalia will give you one that will stay with you forever and in all ways."

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"you are a true healer! everything about you- your energy, your voice, your words- radiates compassion, tranquility, peace, and love. this reading was just what i needed, and i was surprised at how empowered i felt during and after. you were a powerful yet gentle guide, leading me to a deeper understanding of myself. it was an incredibly grounding, centering experience for me, and one that left me with a welcome clarity of focus. thank you, from the bottom of my heart! i will definitely be in touch again... for future readings, and to procure some of your amazing jewelry!"

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to book your reading please go here:
$83 / hour reading, $60 any additional hours.

readings are conducted over the phone, over Skype or in person
if you live in the Los Angeles area.
i look forward to reading, healing & expanding with you.

in love & light,
natalia & n.om

Friday, March 18, 2011

coachella-la : body chain necklaces, 90s flair, braid in feathers

one week from tomorrow, readying ourselves to bask in the sunny sunshine of coachella.

rooster feather hair extensions will include: snowy white & a stunning reddish, browns, blacks w/ a really rad line down the center... thanks to the roosters for being so beautiful. / $5 an extension

if you cannot make the sale, but would still like extensions done,
please contact us here to make an appointment

yvn: white crochet crop top, blue/purple tie-dyed amazing throw, shear & amazing

black/white feather earrings (pair) w/ rose quartz (the stone of love & self lovin!)

yvn: amazzzzzing bell-bottomed sleeves (? what else to call them?!) crop top, crochet detail at elbow

pyrite necklace, black tourmaline body harness necklace & chrysoprase crystal/copper chain necklace
turkey feather tie in's for your beautiful little head, you can put in as many as you'd like

n.om: most amazing when you layer them, crystals are a good idea for their energetic charge & aura-protection as you'll be expelling so much energy dancing & frolicking around like a moon-child

n.om: back view of black tourmaline body harness necklace, available in any crystal you please: quartz, rose quartz, pyrite, chrysoprase etc.

you truly won't ever take it off. it's ok to shower in we think...

turkey feather braid-in.

yvn: pineapple flowing to the shin dress, flowy cozy, 90s. your hot 3rd grade teacher would've worn this probably. you'll just add a little more sass to it.

: pyrite crystal (a leo stone, good for energy sparks!) / goose feather brass hoop earrings.

yvn: black crochet detail tank top, tight fitting, perfect with long, long flowey or short mini skirt, perfect vintage "basic"

apache multi-wear chain piece: can be worn on upper arm, mid arm or as a bracelet with super long amazing chains. black obsidian crystal arrowhead.

'eagle' feather braid in

yvn: crochet detail

we like it worn best on the upper & mid arm... goddess-esque.

see you next Saturday, March 26th! RSVP on our facebook invite!: "yvn, n.om, ru coachella sale"

xxx, love, love, love,
n.om, yvn, ru

Thursday, March 17, 2011

invocation of the goddess :::

it is i, full of grace & light,
releasing the struggle, there is no need to fight.
Love & light are one & the same,
healing our egos, releasing the shame,
mother-father divine bask in oneness, all light,
they call to our souls, in the dark of the night.
know you are perfect, know you are seen,
each One is healing, this is all just a dream.

- nb, 3.17.2011
love, light, love, light, love, light.
think light, be light.

::: prayer for japan :::

Thursday, March 10, 2011

get ready, get set :::

i will be doing bi-weekly shoots showcasing the vintage & jewels inspired by the sunshine & sweet tunes of coachella, the goods shown to you in pictures will be ready for your perusing at our sale on the 26th of this month!

coachella outfit planning beginning in mid-march................yes. it's true.

and yes, you can.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

thought :::

everything as it's meant to, for always & forever,
this seems to make the greatest sense as i left go of my tremors:

see tremors are fears born of not believing in our divine,

but often we forget, the infinity we've spent in all-knowingness sublime.
see everything as it's meant to, if only we can let go,

relinquish control & roll with the soul
is a most gorgeous way to grow.
- nb, 2.2.10

something i wrote 2.2.2010 while waiting for a class at golden bridge yoga ...
photos were taken just a few weeks ago after i embarked on a small adventure in hollywood to siren studios in hopes of retrieving my car after a 'trip' i took on a Thursday night..... ;)