Thursday, November 24, 2011

yoga as medicine ::: thoughts of a practicing yogini

"Sri Yoga Devi is the Goddess of Yoga and the Shakti of Bhagavan Narayana."

yoga is such powerful medicine.
this is us taking back our inherent birthright of love, power & health...
we are such exquisite & unique expressions of the Universe!

our practice is unique to us.
our breath, our LIFE FORCE, is unique to us & yet it reminds us our ONENESS -
WE ALL BREATH, in ... and out ... it is also in this dualistic motion that We Were All Created.
Yoga is Youth & Youth is not an age, Youth is not a number,
Youth is how we choose to live,
how much fun we allow ourselves to have: on and off our mat,
how we choose to honor our bodies....
Yoga is a worshiping of our own Temple, so we may show up for ourselves,
so we can show up for those we CHOOSE to love & to Honor,
to be present, be strong, be Love & just BE with...
Our practice is just that: Our Practice.
so be gentle with yourself, accept yourself as You Are. Allow yourself to dance, liberated in the Maya... breath in the Maya, breath in the Lila, the divine Dance, breath in the posture,
Breath. Keep Breathing.

Namaste, Sat Nam, Jai Ma in deep gratitude...deep surrender.

Thank you Teachers & Masters
who have come before us & allowed us Now,

ommmm shanti, shanti, shanti....


yes, you can have both.

from my teacher: Psalm Isadora :
"... We learn our dharma, our law, our place in the Wheel of Life. Once we come to know and surrender to our dharma, we can turn the wheel of life instead of trying to turn against it..."

and how exhausting is to continuously feel we are swimming upstream against Mother Ocean's current: she will always outswim us. the struggle against ourSelves, avoidance of ourSelves, is an avoidance of our inner voice is Our own struggle against the current.
water flows, Mother Ocean's river's which flow easily and deeply into Her waters (which covers 71% of the Earth's surface...) represent that flow... it's a flow into her own depths . To know our dharma (our path) we must allow ourSelves to flow more deeply INTO ourselves.... how deep do you allow yourself to go? to grow? GO IN ... that's where the medicine is... INSIDE OF US...

This came to me recently during meditation, I chose to come out immediately to transcribe it:
"When we think someone is done with us, we become very upset - what this really is, is an opportunity to more fully step into our Dharma...When we truly know our Dharma, our life path, we are filled with inner peace...because each opportunity to be "alone" is not truly aloneness..its a space to more fully step into who we are, and why we came- and we all came here to bring something special and be a unique expression of spirit, of the creator..."

***flow deeper. get deep. come in, come in.. ask yourself questions, love yourself & accept yourself a little more deeply right now in this moment than you ever have before... it's time. we are the One's we've been waiting for... :) :) :)