Wednesday, June 30, 2010

marianne williamson:

a few notes I took from her talk last night in Hollywood.. 

-- i am willing to see this differently
-- forgiveness: the fact that what you think is real... heal me in my belief of this illusion because ONLY LOVE IS REAL
-- in my defenselessness, my safety lies
-- open your hands, open your heart: defenselessness is peace and safety, the ego would tell us otherwise, but the ego  is illusion, the feeling of the heart is truth
-- the universe will balance itself, you don't need to worry about it!!
-- "you can be bitter, or you can be better"
-- ego is self-hatred, when feelings of sadness, guilt, immense pain boil up in the body, this is the EGO not the soul... those feelings are the souls reminder that what you are feeling is not of TRUTH...release, let go, release, let go, release...
--it is as real or as unreal as YOU make it
-- birth/death are a continuation
-- alien: you are not of here, each of us has felt like an alien upon this earth and this experience because essentially, we are!

-- : microcredit loans to eradicate poverty ... truly, all of the worlds ills can be eased and eventually healed with the eradication of global poverty: poverty and lack of basic survival necessities are what lay the foundation for radical idealism and violence. human beings need to have their basic needs met and feel a sense of self-worth and self-love...

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  1. You are amazing!!! And I'm so glad you got to see Marianne Williamson speak! Love love love it!