Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i wrote this for a class.. perhaps you can draw some connection & wisdom from it:

i am natalia benson. i identify myself not just by the strength of that given name but the strength of my soul. i've been on this earth for 22 years [as i write, i am now 23] in this particular body. i am a tri-part being: body, mind and soul. my body has been here a short while, my minds been evolving a long time before that & my soul is incredibly old. i feel i've been doing this life dance a while, which i feel to be so blissful, interesting and utterly remarkable!

i am an aries. i have an ego that i'm working on. i love to explore myself & others via communication & esoteric modalities: astrology, oracle cards, energy healing & loving. I create with my hands. i love my hands. all in all i love myself immensely & i can best define my experience as an expression of trial & error (of which there never really is any error) & immense amounts of gratitude.

as i said, i am a tri-part being. in terms of my body: i was born to two astounding, loving & beautiful parents, Paula & Scott on April 17th, 1987 @ 1:09 in the morning, Phoenix, Arizona. my grandma lila had an incredibly prolific effect on my upbringing, as did my grandpa mitch: both of their influences so effective yet also subtly different. i have a beautiful brother named coleman, who i am only now beginning to become closer with, & that i am so grateful. my life is very much molded & defined by my relationships: i have attracted utterly astounding friends, acquaintances & romances which help me define & reshape myself each and every day i am alive & choose to be aware.

i feel myself to be a student of all of the universe: ever expanding, contracting & creating.
i am always seeking new information, especially that which i feel can heal myself, hence allowing me to heal others & share with them a greater understanding of their own experience as well as remind me a greater comprehension of my own...
i believe: in reincarnation, i believe in peace within, the law of spiritual attraction (no matter how frustrating it may be...only b/c it truly requires so much awareness and a true willingness in taking responsibility for your life experience) & i believe in love.
i believe in love so much that it essentially defines the totality of my entire human experience.
i truly feel everyday, in my awareness, i am healing & everyday, i am evolving.

i am a being of love, light, experience & foolishness. my greatest purpose is sharing all of the love within me & evolving/healing myself and those around me while within this incredible journey.

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