Tuesday, February 16, 2010


in bed. feels remarkable.
beautiful day, i am learning & experiencing so much..
money is a beautiful & funny thing & it's funny to see the way myself & others attempt to simplify their experience..
but, i admire and love myself so dearly, because sometimes despite another's energy i remind myself to guard my own, i also notice i'm becoming better at being a little quieter, & just allowing...being silent & listening, not trying to prove myself so much anymore...
i still do, i hear it, yet, it's just becoming more fluid, i am, & i am so grateful.
grateful for my awareness & the beautiful voice within me that reminds me, its all love, be loving, be kind, be compassionate to another's situation & ego, (and be compassionate to my own!) be a beacon of light, be yourself, love yourself & just be...it's getting easier, it gets easier
reminding myself of these things..reminding myself patience...
to just allow, relinquish control. 
when i do, the univ delivers all that i've been wanting & then some...a great sum!
a cool passion, a passionate coolness as osho says.

i am grateful for the beauty in my life experience, for the kind beautiful & interesting souls i encounter. we are all just beings, souls seeking love & understanding...we all need a soft space to land. for those who are love & who are seeking depth of understanding & beauty, i hope to be a soft space to land..

accept yourself as a loving, kind, healer:
a healing being--
a loving being--
here to remind others of the loving healing within themselves

breath deeply and rest assured knowing all is in divine order
give up your need to prove yourself (be aware that you do this & choose anew)
--i am enough
--i do enough
--i am enough and worthwhile and love-able


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