Monday, February 1, 2010


our thoughts are powerful, and if we are aware enough, we are granted reminders from higher energy, the universe, god, our higher selves, whatever you choose to name this dominion. I personally enjoy calling it the universe, or "univ" for short: 

(today): yes univ, you are constantly reminding me...anytime I doubt or fear or am unsure, via my incredible friends, small notes, chance interactions, I am reminded of the remarkable greatness that is me. 
how eternal, even within my "mistakes", my harsh self-judgments, whatever it may be that I allow my ego to infringe upon me, I am always somehow reminded that all of those thoughts are total illusion, unreal fears born of fatigue, and/or being totally unpresent...

my best friend, just told me, reminded me, of the beauty that is within me, those things he views in me that I often forget, or doubt...each of us holds beauty, greatness, the ability to be loving and embracing, the ability to be present and real. the day where we are all (every single being in an earth bound experience) aware of this truth will come to reality at some point in space and time. 

today I am reminded:
1. visualize greatness
2. hold a space of loving acceptance within mySELF
3. follow my joy and follow my bliss
4. believe, believe, believe in my own greatness

subscribe to these things if you wish, they are daily reminders that I hold very dear: 

love love love, in total gratitude. 

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