Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tarot readings w/ natalia ::: reviews

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if you've ever wondered about getting a tarot reading, below is some feedback from some beauties who have engaged in a tarot healing session with me .... enjoy :)

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"Not only do I love your knowledge of the Tarot but I love how you incorporate your evolved wisdom and the Higher Consciousness of the Love energy into your readings and everything you do. Then you can help "prescribe" your client a customized Tarot Necklace or other beautiful n.om Jewelry piece"
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"I liken your readings to being like that first ray of sunshine that comes through the window and shines a warm light on your face. The kind of ray that helps you remember how special you are and what gifts you are experiencing, no matter what your situation looks or feels like."

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"I have had tarot readings in the past, and none have been as organic, loving, and blissfully accurate, as Miss Natalia Benson's intelligent and intuitive reading. She connected with me on the level of my higher self to help unveil the present issues radiating at my core, and offered wisdom on how powerful changes will aid my spirit in the future. As I write this two weeks after the reading, my being has already transformed so immensely and powerfully beyond my expectations. Everyone has a divine and unique experience with tarot, but I can tell you that Natalia will give you one that will stay with you forever and in all ways."

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"you are a true healer! everything about you- your energy, your voice, your words- radiates compassion, tranquility, peace, and love. this reading was just what i needed, and i was surprised at how empowered i felt during and after. you were a powerful yet gentle guide, leading me to a deeper understanding of myself. it was an incredibly grounding, centering experience for me, and one that left me with a welcome clarity of focus. thank you, from the bottom of my heart! i will definitely be in touch again... for future readings, and to procure some of your amazing jewelry!"

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to book your reading please go here:
$83 / hour reading, $60 any additional hours.

readings are conducted over the phone, over Skype or in person
if you live in the Los Angeles area.
i look forward to reading, healing & expanding with you.

in love & light,
natalia & n.om

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