Friday, March 18, 2011

coachella-la : body chain necklaces, 90s flair, braid in feathers

one week from tomorrow, readying ourselves to bask in the sunny sunshine of coachella.

rooster feather hair extensions will include: snowy white & a stunning reddish, browns, blacks w/ a really rad line down the center... thanks to the roosters for being so beautiful. / $5 an extension

if you cannot make the sale, but would still like extensions done,
please contact us here to make an appointment

yvn: white crochet crop top, blue/purple tie-dyed amazing throw, shear & amazing
black/white feather earrings (pair) w/ rose quartz (the stone of love & self lovin!)

yvn: amazzzzzing bell-bottomed sleeves (? what else to call them?!) crop top, crochet detail at elbow
pyrite necklace, black tourmaline body harness necklace & chrysoprase crystal/copper chain necklace
turkey feather tie in's for your beautiful little head, you can put in as many as you'd like most amazing when you layer them, crystals are a good idea for their energetic charge & aura-protection as you'll be expelling so much energy dancing & frolicking around like a moon-child back view of black tourmaline body harness necklace, available in any crystal you please: quartz, rose quartz, pyrite, chrysoprase etc.

you truly won't ever take it off. it's ok to shower in we think...

turkey feather braid-in.

yvn: pineapple flowing to the shin dress, flowy cozy, 90s. your hot 3rd grade teacher would've worn this probably. you'll just add a little more sass to it.
: pyrite crystal (a leo stone, good for energy sparks!) / goose feather brass hoop earrings.

yvn: black crochet detail tank top, tight fitting, perfect with long, long flowey or short mini skirt, perfect vintage "basic"
apache multi-wear chain piece: can be worn on upper arm, mid arm or as a bracelet with super long amazing chains. black obsidian crystal arrowhead.

'eagle' feather braid in

yvn: crochet detail
we like it worn best on the upper & mid arm... goddess-esque.

see you next Saturday, March 26th! RSVP on our facebook invite!: "yvn,, ru coachella sale"

xxx, love, love, love,, yvn, ru

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