Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'M GRATEFUL FOR ...................

green juice, cafe gratitude, life food organic, golden bridge, yoga, tantra, psalm isadora, taylor, n.om again.. skyler, crystals, dolphins, jai zeta, my mommy, juicy, Facebook and gmail, airplanes, kindkreme, beautiful art, kind people, smiles, sunshine, the mountains in los angeles, my friends who love me and listen to me, christopher witecki, soulgarden, rudy, her laugh, the gate slamming, bhakti fest, n.om, creativity, osho, ram dass, healthy chakras, brilliant people, kind people, smiling, dogs, babies, amazing conversations, sunshine, sex, beautiful hair, art, expression, pure barre, ryan heffington, dance, lucent dossier, burning man, lightining in a bottle, lyndsey, marty… lsd & amazing beautiful high vibe mushroom chocolates, amazing wine, mini coopers, well designed type work, beautiful cars, beautiful nature, nature, sunshine, sky, clouds, trees, the park in hollywood, shannon…. kombucha 2000… erewhon, healthy roads, learning and loving our "mistakes", natalie, jerry park, rosie…black hair dye….me. the universe. god, krishna, jesus, buddha, crystals, every-thing.

with love, natalia

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  1. I'm thankful for small organic shops with interesting people inside of them.
    Also almonds