Wednesday, June 8, 2011

response to naked.

photos, natalia.benson, 2010

what is it to be naked? to be nude & unshamed by whatever your physical form? :

it is freedom, bliss, child-like fairy innocence, eternal beauty, because there is no one & no thing

other than the beat/bat of your own heart, whom can whisper words of solace & Truth about

your own Being.

we come in Naked, we exit Naked, through the gift shop, up to the stars, as brand new as when

we came in ... back to the Love Centered Source that rests at the very core of our own Beingness,

it's never not with us, it's never been without us, it's because it is Us.

stare naked at YourSelf in a mirror, at your Lover, at your Friend, at your Foe,

because peering behind the judgment of an

overactive mind, we are all in Oneness. Nudity is Oneness, & courage & bravery at Accepting

EVERYTHING exactly as it is ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

so take it all off & just BE.

--- natalia, naked on this day june 8, 2011


  1. Seamless streams of ecstasy roam across hovering caresses of steam oozing from peaks and valleys of your half lit naked body. Intimidating consciousness aroused like the cobras head seized in the moment of observations of light and dark that relish every curvature and line. I see no anomalies in purity of the soul it reams of tantric solace written in the sand of sweet oblivion as your body story now unfolds.