Thursday, February 10, 2011

feather/coachella/inspired/quick collection :::


this little photo shoot is something i whipped up with my babe kelsey harper to capture round 1 of 3 or 4, of a feather collection i'm creating with you coachella goddesses in mind ...

think feather hair pieces, etheric feather onesie earrings, feathers, tribal, magic, magic, magic ... and on the cheap...
because no one likes losing their expensive flair at coachella when their frolicking like fairies ...

In March, i'd like to have a coachella flair party at my gypsy abode in Hollywood (where all of this was shot... see it here) , custom feather pieces, any jewelry you'd like to complete your very-planned-out-fits, & i'll be doing rooster feather hair extensions ... sound bueno? I think so:) it came to me whilst a half spin / half yoga class at YAS yesterday ... ;)

fairychella is what it's called this year.

light warrior, rose quartz ( crystal for love, bubble bath for the emotions), hand dipped turkey feather, orange tipped feather (so dope.)
aphrodite, rose quartz (crystal for love, bubble bath for the emotions), gray turkey feather, magic.
thunder goddess : aquamarine, hematite, hand dipped turkey feather, magic.

thought of the post:

money is an exchange of energy. nothing more & nothing less.
om shanti, loves you.

- n. &

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  1. Very beautiful Natalia. I think you are on your way to stardom. xxxooo